Writing About Writing

I’m Going Rogue

After over a decade of writing for other people, I’m finally going rogue.

I’m committing myself full-time to freelance writing.

It’s been a long time coming, too– I’ve had some good bosses in the past but I can think of no better person to work for than myself.

This blog entry isn’t just an announcement to the world that I’m becoming the professional equivalent of a mercenary, it’s also a way of helping me commit to taking the plunge. As anyone who has ever said anything they tried to take back will tell you, there is a finality to words that have been released to the world. Once they’re sent flying, you can’t get them back. They hold you accountable.

But I have a feeling I won’t regret this, or want to take these words back. For a long time, I’ve felt out of place in the professional world. There are things I can do well: communication, education, project management. But for some reason, I always found myself wanting to focus my attention on a certain written word: namely, mine.

I’ve needed an outlet for the words bouncing around in my head that isn’t sanctioned by the company I’m working for. Creative writing used to fill that need for me, but I eventually lost interest in it– for some reason, creative writing feels contrived to me. Why write a metaphor when you can describe the real thing in detail? Maybe that’s why my creative writing was always mistaken for nonfiction. Art has its place, but for me, reality is creative enough.

There’s going to be a pretty eclectic mix of articles posted to this blog. I won’t just be pushing my “product” (me). Nobody wants to read that, and I’m admittedly not much of a salesperson, especially when the thing I’m selling is me. It’s not all going to be “professional” content, because this is my blog and there’s more to me than being a “professional.” I’m a father, an educator, a geopolitical theorist, a space nerd, and a collector of bad movies. I plan on writing about all of that stuff and more.

Why not have it all? I don’t see any reason not to, and besides, my new boss won’t mind.



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